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In Monaco, we have known a lot about new technologies for years. Indeed, the Principality of Monaco has always wanted to be at the forefront of the electronics economy and services, just like France. The new policy is to be at the top! So Monaco has nothing to be ashamed of compared to France and Nice, because it has successful and innovative companies in new technologies, despite the COVID-19. This is part of the policy of the Monegasque State, which wishes to boost its service economy by developing technology networks. Companies are forming partnerships year after year with nearby companies in France, such as those in Nice and Sophia-Antipolis, and at trade fairs such as Medpi, but also a lot in the world The COVID-19 pandemic did not slow down this political and economic craze.

Are you interested in the new technology sector in Monaco and France? Millions of euros are invested in the new technology economy every year in Monaco, at the request of politicians and companies. To learn more about tech, you can visit Medpi, read articles in Monaco-Matin or in French newspapers like Nice-Matin or Var-Matin about tech or others business services. You can also watch specialized videos on Youtube, such as on the Medpi channel, or on social networks. Principality of Monaco is at the forefront with technology, but does not neglect the regulations and policies surrounding the use of new technologies. Defamation and criminal prosecution or the enactment of laws against incitement to racial hatred are among the priorities, both in the Principality of Monaco and in France.

Need to equip yourself or call on the services of tech professionals? Principality of Monaco has many companies and boutiques specializing in new technologies, to discover on site. You can buy equipment such as smartphones, speakers, televisions, tablets, computers, cameras, etc. So many objects easy to find in Principality of Monaco when you know where to go. Of course, it is not enough to enter any store on the spot at random. The best thing to do is to go to the Monaco Directory website to get a complete list of new shops. You will then know where to go according to your needs and your budget. Indeed, some stores are aimed at all publics while others concern more specialized services and/or customers with higher finances. Be sure to check if they are open in Monaco, because of the restrictions due to COVID-19 in the world.

Among the most well-known tech companies, we can of course mention Darty, which has been renowned for years. This big brand, affiliated to Fnac, sells all kinds of technologies: smartphones, televisions, connected objects, multimedia tablets, hi-fi systems, digital cameras... Household appliances are also well represented. You can find the most famous technology brands, such as Apple, Samsung, Huawei, Kindle, Panasonic, Sony... The store's staff offers advice and recommendations to customers who hesitate between several products. In Monaco, the Ubaldi shopping center has also been offering for years a wide range of equipment and services, suitable for all wallets.

Are you a professional or semi-professional looking for high-level high-tech equipment? Principality of Monaco encourages the development of new technologies and has a number of highly specialized brands. Find their complete addresses on the Monaco Directory website. These high-tech stores, whether they have existed for years or are new, are at the cutting edge of modernity. They adhere perfectly to the economic policy of the principality, which is to seek innovation and performance. In Monaco, this is where you will find more confidential companies, as opposed to the high-tech giants.

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