Are you about to leave for a day tour of Monaco and Monte Carlo? Planning a day trip to Monaco is the best way to make the most of your stay. Indeed, the principality of Monaco conceals many treasures, excursions that are safely accessible to all groups of travelers... when you know which tour to take. Some travel groups prefer to be free to design their own tour program. They go to the Monaco tourist office or consult an internet guide of the French Riviera when they need a little help or inspiration for their activities and visits. But if you are a bit lost or have only one day to discover Monte Carlo, Cannes, Monaco, Eze and the city of Nice, booking a tour on the French Riviera is a very good option. You will benefit from a well thought out tour organization and from the know-how of a tour guide during the excursions.

It is impossible to get bored during a visit or an excursion in the city of Monaco on the French Riviera. The Casino of Monte-Carlo, the Rock of Monaco, the port, a boat trip from the port, the museums... The principality is full of activities for residents and groups of travelers. A private excursion or a day tour will be ideal to visit also Nice and the rest of the French Riviera, like Eze for example. From Nice to Eze via Roquebrune, you'll be amazed. Some tours also include a day trip on the Mediterranean Sea, starting from the port. This is a great option to discover the port of Monte-Carlo, Monaco, Cannes, Eze, Nice and its surroundings from a completely different angle, thanks to a guide. In the middle of summer in Monaco, you may even have the opportunity to take a dip in the blue water, when the boat is safely away from the port.

To ensure that you are not disappointed, your day tour or excursion in French Riviera (Monte Carlo, Monaco, Cannes, Eze or Nice) should be carefully organized for groups of travelers. Think about the criteria that are important for your day tour: safety, activities, duration of the excursion, price, the places you want to visit on the French Riviera, if you want to take a boat and from which port to leave... The language spoken by the guide is equally important: guided tour in French, English, Italian or another language? The staff of the tour agency in Monaco or Nice and of the port must be available and attentive to the needs of groups of travelers. They will be able to recommend the most appropriate guided tour in Monaco or Nice for your trip.

Do not succumb to the first offer of a private day tour in Monte Carlo, Monaco, Eze, Cannes or Nice and make sure to compare them, especially their price. For example, is the Monte Carlo and French Riviera day tour and activities free of charge or does it incur a cancellation fee for group travelers? What are the safety measures for travelers (life jackets on the boat, in the harbor...) and the sanitary measures applied (mandatory wearing of masks on the boat, number of participants at the start of the guided tour, hydro-alcoholic gel available for sanitary safety)? These details prove the seriousness of the company in Monaco and the way it cares about the groups of travelers. Before booking, ask to see the exact program of the day and the price of the tour for group travelers. You need to know the activities, the starting point, the schedule and the precise course of the day, as well as the amenities you will have access to (meals, toilets, brochures offered...).

Ready to find the perfect private day trip in Monaco, Monte-Carlo, Nice, Eze, Cannes and other French Riviera cities for groups of travelers? Visit the Monaco Directory website to find the perfect tour agency for travelers. There are many in the principality, as everyone knows how attractive and touristy the region is. Look for a company that is serious and posts positive reviews on its website and social networks. This is proof that the travel groups have particularly enjoyed the tour and activities and recommend them to other group. Same thing if the travel groups had to cancel their day trip: did everything go well, did they feel safe...?

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